Edit "Safe Senders List"

  • Hello together,

    is there an option to edit the “safe senders list”?
    So, I added a domain which I would like to remove again.


  • Kopano


    You could try this plugin and check if it still works:

  • THX,

    I gave it a try, but its not working for me. I installed it to
    /var/lib/kopano-webapp/plugin_files/safesenders gave www-data permissions (owner).

    But I dont see any changes in Webapp Mail Settings.

    Best regards,

  • Kopano

    Hi there,

    Try renaming the directory to “safesenders”
    That’s defined in the manifest.

    And perhaps you want to change “source” to “release” in:

    <clientfile load=“source”>js/SafeSenders.js</clientfile>
    <clientfile load=“source”>js/settings/SettingsSafesendersWidget.js</clientfile>
    <clientfile load=“source”>js/ABOUT.js</clientfile>

    Or you could deploy the plugin.

  • Hello Marty,

    I tried all the steps you mentioned, but it doesnt work,

    I dont know what you mean with “deploy the plugin” May be you can explain it a little bit more.


  • Kopano

    @r100gs said in Edit "Safe Senders List":

    I gave it a try, but its not working for me. I installed it to
    /var/lib/kopano-webapp/plugin_files/safesenders gave www-data permissions (owner).

    This normally should be /usr/share/kopano-webapp/plugins/safesenders

  • ok, thx

    moved it to the directory. apache2 restart reload webapp but nothing.


  • Kopano

    For a new plugin to be loaded you need to logout and login again in WebApp.

    I’m assuming you’ve installed WebApp from a package.
    The plugin has a build file and can be deployed with ant, but it’s not required to make it work. Like I mentioned before if you change this file (easy approach):

    This line can be removed, because you don’t have this file

    <clientfile load="release">js/safesenders.js</clientfile>

    Change this:

    <clientfile load="source">js/SafeSenders.js</clientfile>
    <clientfile load="source">js/settings/SettingsSafesendersWidget.js</clientfile>
    <clientfile load="source">js/ABOUT.js</clientfile>


    <clientfile load="release">js/SafeSenders.js</clientfile>
    <clientfile load="release">js/settings/SettingsSafesendersWidget.js</clientfile>
    <clientfile load="release">js/ABOUT.js</clientfile>

    Logout and login to reload the JS files.
    If there are still issues after this, check if the plugin is loaded and the version is shown in the plugin tab. And hit F12 in WebApp and check the console for errors.

  • Than you very much it works!


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