z-push fatal error on mailbox with about 3970 folders


I’m getting a fatal php error in z-push-error log on trying to initially sync an account with 3970 folders.

It seems to be like an old thread https://forums.zarafa.com/showthread.php?10138-z-push-causes-apache-PHP-Fatal-Error-memory-exhausted

Outlook 2016
KOE 1.4-200
z-push 2.3.7beta1+0
kopano core 8.3.0.-1042
Univention UCS 4.1-4 errata 429


3970 folders? Via ActiveSync in Outlook? Please note, it doesn’t say anywhere that this will work.

Short answer: Sorry, you shouldn’t do that!

Longer answer: you could increase the memory limit. Try 256 MB. If you are not able to sync, you could try enabling USE_PARTIAL_FOLDERSYNC in your config. It might go through to some point, but I wouldn’t count on OL working reliably with such many folders.

Yes, it’s the same error, but these folders are loaded into memory so it’s a different cause.


Ok after reducing folders from 3970 to about 1440 sync is working as expected


This is still a lot. I have seen OL handling 100 folders relatively well, but not working reliably with 800.
Are these shared folders? Or are there really that much folders in the store.