Kopanao Management GUI

HI All,

Does someone know a grafical management interrface for Kopano? I have not found any info about it. Thanks in advance.

with best regards


There is no GUI afaik for Management - you may use Univention UCS Server distribution which u can use for free in core edition and its has kopano4ucs integration with web ui


just seen that LAM (LDAP Account Manager) has some support built in for Kopano (https://www.ldap-account-manager.org/lamcms/node/326) but not in the free version.

Some time ago I’ve built Zarafa templates for LDAPAdmin, but these are outdated and need some love.
The download can be found here: https://community.zarafa.com/pg/plugins/project/4281/developer/sebastian/zarafa-for-ldapadmin

Is there a template for phpldapadmin?