Reminder bombs with Outlook

  • Hello, we have some users that report recurring “reminder bombs”, i.e. from time to time they are presented with old reminders for events that have long passed and the reminder has already been acknowledged (since the import in Kopano). I assume this happens whenever Outlook detects a new KOE-shared calendar, somehow it seems that with the additional calenders imported via KOE it then thinks its own calendar isr brand new and reprocesses all events in there. Not sure if this can be solved on the Kopano side but if it occurs often it is a great nuisance nevertheless. I will recommend these users to cleanup their calendars from old entries which is probably a good idea anyway. Have others observed this also and is there a way to suppress these reminders?

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    is this maybe the same as ?

    If so then this could be fixed in the upcoming 1.4 release. This version should be online later. I only need to finish up the release announcement.

  • I think it is a bit different. I read that topic before posting :-) and here it seems that the reminders are from the own calendar of the user. But I will reconfirm that.

  • Rethinking it cannot be the same issue. We do not use shared Kopano folders at all other than shared calendars. We share some accounts via IMAP but a) this would not be a kopano issue, b) the calendars of these folders are empty and c) the user in question has only his own kopano account plus some calendars shared via kopano, no imap account or any other account in the same profile.

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    @isol said in Reminder bombs with Outlook:

    has only his own kopano account plus some calendars shared via kopano

    that may not be that obvious from the post, but the issue fixed in the latest build actually could have that effect as well.

    There is one easy way to find out: I just now uploaded the new packages to Can you check if this solves your issue? (some feature of the new build require z-push 2.3.7, but this one should work nonetheless)

  • Ok I will send the new KOE to that specific user and then we need to wait…

  • Hi

    One Customer also reported this behaviour today to me
    She is getting old reminders in Outlook from her own calendar

    Outlook 2016
    Koe 1.4-200
    Kopano Core 8.3
    Z-push 2.3.7


  • Kopano

    @externa1 hard to say without logs. Reminders are always generated locally, did the calendar maybe resync?

  • Is this related to that seems to be fixed in KC 8.3.3 ? However the cases that I observed were OWN reminders. The problem is still reappearing; can we help to diagnose it somehow? We can also go via support as the customer has a subscription if that helps.

  • Kopano

    Hi @isol,

    no these are two completely different topics.

    Like I already said to @externa1 without logs its impossible to say what could be the cause, I can only say that I have not seen such behaviour in any of our test systems. I’d suggest opening a support case and supplying z-push.log and Kopano OL Extension.log.

  • Ok, I will try to get these. We had a couple of this case (own account) in the past, mainly when adding a new shared account/calendar/whatever. I think we can replay this with logs enabled.

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