missing Kopano Webapp Spellchecker

  • hi, I have the problem that there is no longer a file previewer as a plugin in the webapp. How can I activate the spell checker now?

    Kopano Core: 10.0.6

  • Kopano

    Hi @kmeyer

    You mention file previewer and spell checker

    File previewer:
    Settings -> General tab -> File previewing

    Spell checker:
    Your browser supports spellchecking.

  • Hi marty,

    my browser - spellchecking is activated but my tinymce does not check anything. The editor has its own spellchecker in its plugins folder:

    Tinymc.cloud has another tip to aktivate browser-based spellchecking:
    …you have to write in startscript:

    selector: ‘textarea’, // change this value according to your HTML
    browser_spellcheck: true,
    contextmenu: false

    so if you have ideas - more informations please.

    kind regards…

  • Kopano


    Spellchecker plugin is discontinued.

    The usage of that old plugin can still be found in the manual:

    If you want to use the browser spellchecker, you need to disable the spellchecker plugin.

  • Hi, thanks,
    the old plugin isn’t in new kopano so I cannot uncheck anything. My problem is that it looks like i have to aktivate browser spellchecking in tinymce editor…

    regards Karsten

  • OK, in google chrome it underlines but not in firefox.