• Hi everyone,

    I have 2 clients A and B both on Outlook 2016 32bit with KOE 2.1.20
    I dont know how and when it happend, but calendars got out of sync and my mainly used client A wasnt syncing to server, worked offine and was still used for new entries as my main calendar. This calendar is now gone on client A, I cant find it and am wondering what happend. On Client B + Server Webapp, the calendar is visible but out of date due to missing sync from A.

    Each from webapp new created calendar is visible on Client A + B. Renaming the old unsynced calendar in webapp correctly renames in client B, but on A nothing shows up, not new name, not old one.

    - work <- this one missing on A
    - testing <- shown everywhere

    Any help and hints appreciated.

    Ubuntu 18.04
    Kopano Core 9.0.1
    ZPUSH 2.6.0+0-0
    Outlook 2016 32bit

  • Kopano

    Hi @thomas1977,

    just to be clear are you talking about calendar entries or calendar folders?

    You can find instructions in regards to logging at https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Debugging and https://kb.kopano.io/display/WIKI/Kopano+Outlook+Extension (specific to koe).

  • Hi Felix,

    thanks for your replay. I am talking about a whole calendar folder missing including its calendar entries :(
    Kalender (which is main calendar folder)
    work (which is subfolder and not shown anymore)
    subfolder2 (shown and synced by all devices)

    Client A shows all calendar folders BUT this one. I will look into your links.