• Hi@all,

    we use Kopano on UCS 4.4.6:

    Kopano Core: 8.7.1
    Z-Push: 2.4.5+0-0

    because I could never import via CLI with the Kopano tools successfully I use ActiveSync -> Z-Push to import addresses.

    This works very well most of the time. But sometimes nothing happens. But I can’t find any log entries or log files on the Kopano server.

    Where can I check the status of what is happening with ActiveSync -> Z-Push?

    with best

  • Kopano

    Hi @pixel,

    could you provide more information how you import addresses and what exactly do you mean by addresses? Contacts?

    Did you check z-push.log?

    Also Z-Push 2.4.5 is quite old, please upgrade to a more recent version (currently 2.6.0).