Problem when migrating from community to paid version

  • Hello,

    After testing the community version on Ubuntu 20.04, I decided to get a paid version. Because the paid version only supports Ubuntu 18.04, I created a new mail server, backed-up the data (mysqldump --single-transaction --routines and an rsync of the attachments folder) and moved everything across.

    While it all looks like it works, I now have the following messages in my mail log appearing every 5 seconds:

    Oct 15 11:02:01 kopano kopano-server[1437]: K-1254: soft assert (ulMaxChange >= m_ulChangeId) failed
    Oct 15 11:02:01 kopano kopano-server[1437]: setSyncStatus(): collision

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this please?


  • Kopano

    Hi @hobleyd,

    since you now have a paid subscription I would recommend to get in contact with the Kopano support. Please don’t forget to supply the exact versions (before and now) when opening the case.