webapp config option for mailbox name

  • There is an option in kopano-ldap.cfg (unable to find a man directly from kopano, but this part is still relevant I think).

           This value is the fullname of a user. It will be used on outgoing messages, and store
           Default: cn

    If one wants to represent a Multi Brand company like

    with a user john.doe, who works for company.com and represents both brands.

    John gets 1 account, john.doe@company.com. There are also two further shared mailboxes, for john.doe@branda.com and john.doe@brandb.com, which allow to keep everything seperated and allow John send mails on behalf of branda.com/brandb.com on mobile utilizing z-push impersonation.

    Openning these mailboxes in Kopano will result in John having 3 Entries called John Doe. One could rename the shared mailbox to BrandA John Doe or simply use john.doe@branda.com as the shared mailbox name, but this would also be the Name in the mails FROM: .

    Long introduction, short question: Do you think it would make sense to introduce a further config setting like ldap_mailboxname_attribute defaulting to ldap_fullname_attribute, which would be used to display the Mailbox name in webapp?

  • I just checked my multitenant server, and it appears to already be functioning this way in the WebApp. The Mailbox shows up as “My Name” (My domain). Maybe the setting is in one of the sections for Multi Tenant installations?