Need rule to move to another inbox

  • Hi,

    I am searching for a way to move all incoming mails to another inbox (another user).

    I have:

    • user1 and user2
    • user1 has full permissions on user2’s account.

    I want:
    When user1 get’s a new mail, the mail should be moved (not forwarded) to the inbox of user2.
    So I tried to create a rule (user1) for that. But I can not select the inbox from user2 as a destination. Moving the mail by drag’n’drop is working perfectly.

    Has anyone a idea how to solve this without using the MTA/Postfix?


  • I believe we have used the “redirect mail to” rule, followed by a rule to either delete the mail, or move it to an “Archive” folder.

    When you added User 2’s store to the webapp for User 1, did you select the option to “open Inbox” or “Open Entire Inbox”? I have found some features only work with “Open Entire Inbox”.

  • Kopano

    @robgnu You can use kopano-rules for this  --user user1 --create moveItemsRule  --conditions "is-received" --actions "move-to:inbox,user2"

  • @burgessja I’ve selected “Open Entire Inbox”. I thought it was the best option. But I didn’t find any way to move incoming mails.

    @robing Thank you very much! I will try that soon.