from address isn't shown in received mail when sent from Outlook

  • Hi everybody.
    I have connected Outlook 2013 (or 2019) with Kopano 8.7.16.

    When I sent an email with Outlook and use a different from address, Kopano replaces this address by the user’s default one and the external recipient only can see the default mail address. Even in the source code of the received mail you can’t find this different from address. When I do the same in Kopano Webapp, the different from address is shown to the recipient.

    To make it even more complicated. When in Webapp I look at the full mail header of this sent mail from Outlook, the different from address is shown in records of ‘From:’ and ‘x-psuh-sender:’.

    We moved from last version of Zarafa to Kopano in march. I know that in Zarafa the different from address was shown in the received mail, when it has been sent with Outlook and Outlook was connected via activesync / z-push with Zarafa.

    Does anybody know tihs behaviour? Is there a solution for this?


  • Kopano

    Hi Peter,

    how did you connect Outlook with Kopano? That is not clear for me from your post. Is it an Outlook ActiveSync account and you’re using KOE and Z-Push? If yes, please provide WBXML level z-push.log of such an email being sent.

    Also, the topic title is misleading. It sounds like no from address is shown, but what you mean is that the primary email address of the user is shown, isn’t it?


  • Hi, Manfred,

    thank you for your reply and sorry for the long time I didn’t reply.
    At this time in August we used partially ActiveSync/ KOE with z-push and the still working MAPI in old Zarafa mode in parallel.
    Meanwhile we changed a lot and now its working correctly, although we’re not aware which change was the reason for the result. I even wouldn’t be able to reconstruct the former situation.
    Regarding the title, you are right: Of course, a from-address was shown, but in fact the primary mail address of the user, which was supposed to be the wrong one.