• Hi.

    I was hawing trouble changing the folder names of a new mailbox, from English to Danish.


    /usr/sbin/kopano-localize-folders  --verbose  --lang "da_DK.UTF-8"  -u "x@y.dk"

    This command was not found, is the “kopano-localize-folders” deprecated and removed ?


    /usr/sbin/kopano-storeadm  -Y  -l "da_DK.UTF-8"  -n "x@y.dk"

    This command failed to translate the folder name into Danish, it runs and shows the folders renamed, but the new names are English.

    $ /usr/sbin/kopano-storeadm  -Y  -vvv  -l "da_DK.UTF-8"  -n "x@y.dk"
    [debug  ] Initializing provider "Kopano Directory Service"
    [debug  ] Initializing provider "Private Folders"
    [debug  ] Initializing provider "Public Folders"
    [notice ] Renamed IPM_COMMON_VIEWS -> "IPM_COMMON_VIEWS"
    [notice ] Renamed IPM_VIEWS -> "IPM_VIEWS"
    [notice ] Renamed FINDER_ROOT -> "FINDER_ROOT"
    [notice ] Renamed Shortcut -> "Shortcut"
    [notice ] Renamed Schedule -> "Schedule"
    [notice ] Renamed Outbox -> "Outbox"
    [notice ] Renamed Deleted Items -> "Deleted Items"
    [notice ] Renamed Sent Items -> "Sent Items"
    [notice ] Renamed Inbox -> "Inbox"
    [notice ] Renamed Contacts -> "Contacts"
    [notice ] Renamed Calendar -> "Calendar"
    [notice ] Renamed Drafts -> "Drafts"
    [notice ] Renamed Journal -> "Journal"
    [notice ] Renamed Notes -> "Notes"
    [notice ] Renamed Tasks -> "Tasks"
    [notice ] Renamed Conflicts -> "Conflicts"
    [notice ] Renamed Sync Issues -> "Sync Issues"
    [notice ] Renamed Local Failures -> "Local Failures"
    [notice ] Renamed Server Failures -> "Server Failures"
    [notice ] Renamed Junk E-mail -> "Junk E-mail"
    [notice ] Renamed RSS Feeds -> "RSS Feeds"
    [notice ] Renamed Conversation Action Settings -> "Conversation Action Settings"
    [notice ] Renamed Quick Step Settings -> "Quick Step Settings"
    [notice ] Renamed Suggested Contacts -> "Suggested Contacts"

    I get an error as expected, if I run with a locale not installed.


    localize-folders.py  -u  "x@y.dk"   --lang "da_DK.UTF-8"

    I downloaded this script, and it worked.

    Download command for others that might be interested:

    wget  --timestamping  https://stash.kopano.io/projects/KSC/repos/core-tools/raw/localize-folders/localize-folders.py


    Why does the “kopano-storeadm” not translate the folder names ?

    System is Debian 10, Kopano Core 10.0.6.