Troubles adding Files-settinfs via script.

  • I’m using the latest version of “Files Admin” from

    When I add a owncloud config using the command:

    python  --user klaus --file owncloud.cfg

    with my owncloud.cfg looking like this:

    name = cloud
    type = Owncloud
    workgroup =
    server_path = /remote.php/webdav
    server_address =
    server_ssl = true
    use_zarafa_credentials = true
    server_port = 443
    default_user =
    default_password =

    The value for “Use SSL” is empty afterwards when I look in the settings from within WebApp, and when I do a backup and look through the json-backup, the “Use SSL”-setting actually has turned into

    "server_ssl": "true", 

    which doesn’t work. It should have been

    "server_ssl": true, 

    without the double-quotes around the word “true”, at least if I change to that, it works.

    If I change the script like this, it works, at least for me:

    diff -ru
    ---	2020-07-13 09:34:28.473538617 +0200
    +++	2020-07-13 09:58:27.585820636 +0200
    @@ -108,7 +108,7 @@
                     "server_path": encode(configfile['setting']['server_path']).decode('utf-8'),
                     "workgroup": encode(configfile['setting']['workgroup']).decode('utf-8'),
                     "server_address": encode(address).decode('utf-8'),
    -                "server_ssl": ssl,
    +                "server_ssl": configfile['setting'].as_bool('server_ssl'),
                     "current_account_id": encode('d4cacda458a2a26c301f2b7d75ada530').decode('utf-8'),
                     "use_zarafa_credentials": configfile['setting'].as_bool('use_zarafa_credentials'),
                     "user": encode(username).decode('utf-8'),

    This on Debian 9, with these packages:
    kopano-webapp 4.1.2835+114.1

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