Contacts folder is missing. Supposedly

  • Hi@all

    for our common address “info@company.tld” we have created a separate user “user.public” under UCS 4.4.4 / Kopano 8.7.14

    The mail storage (archive) is also located under this user. When I log in with this user in Webapp I get the message that the folder “Contacts” is missing. But it is there. See:


    If I switch to the settings I get the error message “Could not retrieve the list of substitutes”. See:
    How can I fix it?

    with best

  • Kopano

    Hi @pixel,

    that folder is certainly missing, since there is no single folder just called “Kontakte” as the one you highlighted is called “Kontakte (public)”.

    There is a script to restore/recreate these default folders if they have been deleted by the user, but normally WebApp protects you from doing this.

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