Reminders from shared calendars not working anymore.

  • Hello, we do not any longer receive reminders from appointments that we have in shared calendars, the users say this used to work until a few months ago. Reminders from own calendar works just fine. Is this something anybody else sees also, or not?


  • Kopano

    Hi @klausade

    This never worked for WebApp.

  • OK, I kind of had that feeling myself. The question is then, is this something that will be possible in the future? Would the best work-around currently be to make sure you are an attendee to the meeting, that way the appointment would also show in your personal calendar, and you would get a reminder?

  • Kopano

    @klausade There are still some open questions in this shared reminder ticket , that need to be addressed first.

    And the current reminder dialog needs a small update to support shared reminders first, to make clear distinctions between shared and own store reminders.

    I suggest you follow the ticket for updates.