e-mail answer - to field empty


i use Kopanao Core 8.4.0~728_144.1 and Webapp

When I answer a email from my inbox the to field ist empty.
Please fix this bug.

Thank you


Same here along to other bugs like missing sender in active sync clients or unable to open e-mails with html content. Seems to be a problem in php-mapi.


The reply-to problem is also mentioned here:

Thanks for your report. I have included this in https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-709.

@MacusRieche I only see "me too"s from you. which version are you using. which distribution?

@fbartels Sorry forgot to copy&paste it from the other thread. But you got the versions already covered in the jira ticket.
Ubuntu 16.04
Core 8.4.0-728

Rolled back to Core 8.4.0-415 where these problems do not appear. It was the last version I downloaded before 728.

issue should be resolved with >=8.4.0~813