Pasted image is missing / emailtext after the pasted image is cut off (missing too)

  • Good morning,
    we have a strange behavior on at least one of our Windows 10 / Kopano Deskapp 2.4.1 / 2.5.4 clients.

    A mail is typed. Lets say you have a few lines of text.
    Then an image is pasted from snipping-tool.
    After the image there is some additional text.

    Then the mail is sent.

    If you look at the email after sending at the senders kopano the image is missing. The mailtext after the image is missing too.

    The receiver of the email has got the same issue.

    We tried to sent the mail via webapp too. (same behaviour).

    Deskapp: 2.5.4
    Editor: Minimal-Tiny

    Important: On my Windows 10 Client there is no problem, when pasting images to emails via snippingtool.

    I don’t think this is related to the KW-3348 (cause it is working @my client).

    Update: Support told me that Webapp 4.0 should solve this issue.

  • We’ve had this problem for a long time with Deskapp, doesn’t happen with Webapp. Not sure its exactly the same but essentially inline images in emails composed with Deskapp do not display. We’ve been told they can reproduce but I don’t think it’s fixed yet.