Replying to an e-mail causes the browser to hang up

  • Hi everybody.
    Kopano 8.7.12 with Webapp 4.0.2740 with TinyMCE Editor.

    Replying to a long e-mail communication that is formatted in HTML causes the webapp to hang up in the browser. You can see that the signatures within the replies generate line spacing that appears to be whole pages long.
    This strange phenomen of the line spacing could be the cause, but I cannot confirm it. On the other hand I can reproduce this behavior with different mails on different computers. The more powerfull a PC is, the less this happens.
    Unfortunately I can not enforce the users to convert the e-mail format from HTML to text. So I want to check if the increasing of line spacing can be prevented,

    Are there others who confirm this behavior - especially regarding line spacing?


  • Kopano

    @passt said in Replying to an e-mail causes the browser to hang up:

    ne spacing?

    Can you share this specific EML?

  • @passt I can confirm that the TinyMCE Editor adds multiple line spacings when replying to or forwarding an email.
    In addition, sometimes the font type is also changed.
    As you stated, the phenomenom gets worse if there is a long email chain.
    We will try to use a different editor like Minimal TinyMCE.

  • As I cannot edit my post (< 3600s after creation) here a new reply.

    It seems that the HTML formating is not trivial:

  • @marty
    Unfortunately I can’t share this e-mail file, because of too sensitive information.

    However I did notice something. This colleague uses a signature which he copied from a sent mail which was built in Outlook. The result is that emails containing his signature are fully encoded in base64. An email with a signatur which is created in Webapp, results in a source code of the mail where the body is shown in plain text and in HTML text and graphics either attached or copied in the body text are encoded in base64 at the end.

    In the meantime I have asked my colleague to create a new signature manually in Webapp and to use it for creating new mails. The situation seems to get better for him.

    Source code of an eml file with the outlook signature and with Kopano webapp signature. In both mails I removed the mail header details.


  • Kopano

    The one with the Kopano signature work fine for me, is also fairly small.

    The one with the Outlook signature is 2MB with like 4000 empty paragraphs with inline styling. I don’t know how this signature is created, but even Thunderbird crashes on reply.

  • The signature which is copied from Outlook, is nearly the same to the signature from Kopano’s webapp.
    It might be that the problem is solved already, because I asked the colleague to create a new signature in webapop directly.

  • Right now the similar problems of too many blank lines / line spacing happens to me as well. I use webapp or deskapp exclusively.

    I replied to a longer mail correspondence and added my signature. Result was that in the signature each line break produces three new blank lines.

    I double checked the signature which is my regular one and which is working for month for me. For testing purpose I removed the formating for the complete signature block and set it again by setting a smaller font size only. But the blank lines in reply of this correspondence remain the same.

    I analyzed the eml file of this mail, but in contrast to the source code of the outlook signature which I showed in thread above, there wasn’t any base64 encoding but just regular plaint text and html text.