Replying to an e-mail causes the browser to hang up

  • Hi everybody.
    Kopano 8.7.12 with Webapp 4.0.2740 with TinyMCE Editor.

    Replying to a long e-mail communication that is formatted in HTML causes the webapp to hang up in the browser. You can see that the signatures within the replies generate line spacing that appears to be whole pages long.
    This strange phenomen of the line spacing could be the cause, but I cannot confirm it. On the other hand I can reproduce this behavior with different mails on different computers. The more powerfull a PC is, the less this happens.
    Unfortunately I can not enforce the users to convert the e-mail format from HTML to text. So I want to check if the increasing of line spacing can be prevented,

    Are there others who confirm this behavior - especially regarding line spacing?


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