KC 8.7.13 + WebApp 4.0: MAPI error 80040102

  • Hi,

    On CentOS 8.1 with PHP 7.2 & OpenLDAP 2.4.50 I’m running Kopano 8.7.13 with WebApp 4.0 and see the following php-mapi error in the php-mapi log:

    [error ] MAPI error: action not supported by server (80040102) (method: zif_mapi_msgstore_getreceivefolder, line: 2387)

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. log in --> the error message is first seen in php-mapi.log
    2. click on ‘Public Folders’ --> the error message is repeated

    This is a greenfield install with zero email messages, no public folders, 2 users and some hosted domains.

    Anyone know what’s causing this error? How to fix? Thanks!

  • Kopano

    Hi @patrick,

    we have not released any packages for Centos 8.x and PHP 7.2 so far. Are you using maybe the wrong archive?

  • Hi @fbartels,

    Thanks for the reply. It’s not the wrong archive but you are correct they are not your packages as I built them. Just wondered if anyone had seen such an error.