Outlook asks for Password for 2nd and 3rd Account

  • I use Outlook 2019 with Kopano-Plugin.

    As soon as I add more than one ActiveSync-Kopano-Account, Outlook starts to ask for the Password of them (while not getting new E-Mail). When I click “OK” without typing anything it will accept and continue to work.

    It’s random when this happens.

    I already found many People having the same or similar Problem just using Outlook with Exchange.
    I already tried many things including but not restriced to:
    -Enable Basic-Authentication (Outlook)
    -Disable Autodiscover (Outlook)

  • Kopano

    Hi @theoneandonly-vector,

    I am using multiple accounts here without a problem. If there are more reports on the internet in regards to Outlook and Exchange, then this kind of sounds like this is an Outlook issue that we ourselves cannot do anything about.

    What you could try to look into is the z-push logging to see what is happening when Outlook is asking you for the password.

  • this was fixed for me with the latest ms Offic eupdate.