Webapp after Login - Apache Error 500 - no Log Entries

  • Hi there,

    I have a problem with Kopano webapp. After successful login, every user recieve an error 500, login was tried with different browsers.
    If I delete the cookies, the login page is available again.

    I switched from Debian 7 with Zarafa 7.2 to Ubuntu 18.04 with Kopano 8.7.9.
    First I installed everything, put the attachments and the database on the new system. Everything works.
    I think after configuring antivirus / antispam the web application doesn’t work. But I can’t find anything in debug log files.
    Protocol activation in webapp / config.php does not work.
    Mobile access with Z-Push works well.

    my system:
    ubuntu 18.04.4
    kopano 8.7.9
    z-push 2.5.2
    webapp 3.5.14
    php 7.2

    I found no solution on the web.



  • I found the problem. I tried with two Version of passwd as webapp plugin. This create a fatal error.