Create combined view for all shared mail inboxes?

  • Hi all,

    is it possible, to create a combined view for all shared mail inboxes, where all mails in all inboxes are shown in a single view?


  • Hi again,

    maybe it is not clear what I mean with my question, so I would like to state it a litle more precisely.

    Some mailclients have a feature to show the content of all inboxes in one combined view. For example, Thunderbird has this feature, they call it “Smart Folders”. As far as I know, Outlook doesn’t have it.

    In the documentation of Thunderbird, the feature ist described as :
    “Smart Folders help you manage multiple email accounts by combining special folders like your Inbox, Sent, or Archive folder. Instead of going to the Inbox for each of your mail accounts, you can see all of your incoming email in one Inbox folder.”

    Is it possible to create a combined view like this with Kopano? I’m not very deep into technical details of Kopono, but I would think, it is just another view / selection of the database?