Mails in Public Folders not visible from seperate Webapp Host

  • Hello,

    i want to setup Webapp on a different host than the Kopano Server.

    Both hosts use Debian Packages 8.7.0 Kopano-Server and 3.5.14 Kopano Webapp.

    On Host 1 runs Kopano-Server + Webapp -> Everything is fine

    On Host 2 runs Webapp Connection via Host1:236 -> Public Folder structure is shown correctly but all Folders are empty. It is possible to create subfolders and put emails in it from host 2. They are shown correctly on both hosts. But changes from Host 1 are not shown on Host 2.

    I cannot find any permissions or settings in the configuration files.

    Is this a bug or a security feature? Did i miss any settings?

    Thanks for your help

  • Kopano

    Hi @dhel,

    8.7.0 is already quite old. Are you also able to reproduce this behaviour with a newer version? Are you running the same version of kopano/php-mapi on both systems?

  • Hi @fbartels

    thanks for the quick reply

    1.) We purchased a subscription this month. I will switch to the subscription packages probably this weekend and see what happens.

    2.) Both systems have php-mapi 8.7.0