Deny only one user on public folder

  • Hello Forum,

    i create a guest-account in our ad, cause we are using ldap for authentication and we needed one :)

    now im struggling to deny this user the access to the public folders.

    The access rules for public folders are “everyone”, which i want to use (otherwise i need to giv every user explicit access)
    now i added the guestaccount and set this rules:

    the user has still access to the folder.
    I tried to remove the user from “everyone” (kopano-admin -B guest-user -i everyone) which fails
    i tried with changing the user-style (room, shared-only, ressource etc) with everything else than active-user the login isnt possible.

    is there a way to achieve this?

    best regards,

  • Rights in public folders are additive. So it is impossible to deny one or more user.
    Create a group containing all users with rights in public folder and give this group the required rights. This denies all other users.

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