[fixed] Address book: Selecting user's address book fails with messagebox "Error - Could not load the contents of this folder"

Hello community,
I’m having an issue with the personal address book in webapp.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new mail in webapp
  • Press [To:] button:
    Address book-form appears with “Showing Names from the: <Global Address Book>”
  • Open combobox and select a different book: "Kopano Contact Folders ->Contacts"
  • Msgbox appears: "Error - Could not load the contents of this folder"
  • Closing msgbox with [OK]
  • Comboxbox “Showing Names from the:" shows selection “Contacts”, Address-book grid still shows entries from global-addressbook.

The user’s contact-folder is accessable in the store-tree-pane (r/w).
If the user’s contact-folder is configured as default-address-book, the failure-msg. appears immediately after pressing the [To:]-Button in the new-mail form.

Any ideas?
Thanks & bg, umgfoin.

@umgfoin In case other ran into this issue, could you share your solution?

If I remember correctly, this was resolved with resolution of KC-709.