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  • Hi,
    I have got a issue with /usr/share/doc/kopano-webapp/scripts/signatures# ./ <username>.

    If I use it with an existing (older) user (which is created month ago), it works. But if I create a new user (Active Directory), I get an error:

    Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line 98, in <module> main() File “”, line 74, in main if not len(webappsettings[‘settings’][‘zarafa’][‘v1’][‘contexts’][‘mail’]):KeyError: ‘mail’

    The (new) user is working correctly with kopano-deskapp/webapp, but I have no chance to use the signature-script.

    Very strange.

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  • So after I recovered my password (thanks for your support in this case) I can now answer my own post:

    It seems like that you have to manually create an empty signature. After doing that, the is working as expected.

    This behavior explains, why it worked with “older” users (with existing signature) and not for new users.

    Before upgrading to a newer built of kopano, this worked out of the box (also with new users).



  • Same issue here,
    same solution to fix it.

    so there should be something like a if isset same on line 79 and line 83 etc

    workaround, create a signature for every user and delete it after the import…

  • …same here (after upgrade of UCS)
    Create a dummy signature and it works…

  • Ticket: Link

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  • Kopano

    @f31n @mcdaniels @Gohle @item

    This is fixed in WebApp Admin

    We recommend using this tool over the script in /tools
    The latter wil be removed in the near future as well.