Rule does not work -> "Not forwarding autoreplies"

  • My Webapp Rule should forward incoming messages from my homepage (contact form) to my colleague… it works with test mails, but not with the contact form of the homepage…
    In the mail.warn i have found “kopano-dagent[16735]: Rule “Anfrage”: Not forwarding autoreplies”

    Is there an option to make it work?

    Thank you!

  • Kopano

    @item this is probably caused by ‘something in your site’ that sets a header indicating it is an autoreply.

    Dagent does not forward autoreplies (and some other categories) to prevent creating a mail loop. This can be disabled in dagent.cfg but I recommend that you fix the ‘problem’ in the website if you can.

  • Thank you - I want to test the behavior… would it be enough to enable “set_rule_headers=yes” and “not_double_forward=no”?

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