Two Versions of WebApp on same server

  • Hi There!

    Is it possible to run 2 different Versions of the WebApp parallel on same server?

    I have upgraded my Version to 4.x, and i have 1 user, where the webapp is blocked by his company firewall. So it is useful, to give him access to an older 3.x Version

    My plan is, to rename /usr/share/kopano-webapp, and install the 2nd version (with 2 apache entrys, domain/webapp and domain/webappold). Could this work? Or will i get problems?


  • Kopano

    @teka74 yes, you can make that work. I’m more curious why webapp 4.x is blocked while 3.x is not - what kind of error is he getting?

  • @bhuisman

    He got the webapp4 login screen, entered his credentials, and the loading points are curving for many minutes, and no webapp is starting. He got no error from his company firewall. We think, it is the firewall, on his home pc the webapp is working fine


  • Kopano

    @teka74 does anything show in the browser console (F12)?

  • @bhuisman I must ask him, he is only a few days a month in his company, mostly he works in homeoffice and all is well

    Other thing: I renamed /usr/share/kopano-webapp to /usr/share/kopano-webapp4 and renamed /etc/apache2/sites-available/webapp to /etc/apache2/sites-available/webapp4 and edited the config to load content from /usr/share/kopano-webapp4 (and yes, the alias is changed to webapp4). But a simple www.<domain>.de/webapp4 gives http-error 500 … Are there other directorys or files, the webapp is using and I must change?


  • @teka74 You can easily contain webapp in a docker container to use different version at the same time.

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