Unsent mail shows in Outbox of webapp/deskapp but not Outlook 2019

  • I’m a new user of the community edition with the server running on Debian 10. I’m configured with apache2/z-push/mariadb.

    I’ve managed to successfully setup a mailbox and connect from the deskapp (under windows), the webapp, and outlook 2019 (with no addin / EAS only).

    I have not configured kopano-spooler yet, so outbound mail just sits in the Outbox (as expected) however the Outbox emails only appear in webapp/deskapp and under Outlook2019 Outbox is empty.

    Any tips on how I can troubleshoot this or why it might be happening? I plan on using Outlook as my primary client so I need to get it working.


  • Kopano

    Hi @jasonsmith2020,

    Outlook over ActiveSync doesn’t put email into outbox. It issues SendMail command and Z-Push then creates a message in the outbox, that’s why you see it in webapp/deskapp. Z-Push ignores changes in the outbox because it caused strange effects on some android devices: https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-362.


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