Caldav login problems on Macos

  • Hello,

    i am very new to Kopano and i have most of it working just fine but for some reason i cannot reach and/or login into caldav. I keep seeing an error unable to very user or password. However this users works just fine on my phone using z-push or on my mail client using imap. I tried adding all those different url combinations. as suggested in the docs but it keeps failing. Port 8080 is reachable and i can see the service is running fine with no errors. Does anyone have step by step config from the server side and then a client side to correctly add caldav account. I am testing from Macos and Linux and do not currently have access to Windows machine.

  • I found something in the logs i turned on debug and it says missing authorise data: - - [13/Feb/2020:10:25:31 +0200] “PROPFIND /caldav/v2 HTTP/1.1” 401 0 “-” “Mac+OS+X/10.15.3 (19D76) accountsd/113”
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.708899: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] End Of Request
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.916930: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] New Request
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.917253: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] Receiving headers:
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.917425: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < PROPFIND /principals/users/testuser/ HTTP/1.1
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.917576: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Host:
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.917741: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Content-Type: text/xml
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.917885: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Depth: 0
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.918024: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Brief: t
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.918163: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Accept: /
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.918304: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Connection: keep-alive
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.918444: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Prefer: return=minimal
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.918587: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < User-Agent: Mac+OS+X/10.15.3 (19D76) accountsd/113
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.918728: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Content-Length: 181
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.918936: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Accept-Language: en-us
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.919085: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] < Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.919243: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] Request missing authorization data
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.922651: [kopano-ical|T5671] [info ] Sending authentication request
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.922992: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] > HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.923165: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] > WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=“Kopano CalDav Gateway”
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.923307: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] > Content-Length: 0
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.923441: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] > Server: Kopano
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.923573: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] > Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 08:25:31 GMT
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.923706: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] > Connection: Keep-Alive
    2020-02-13T10:25:31.923839: [kopano-ical|T5671] [debug ] > Keep-Alive: 300

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