Publish Free/Busy information without content details

  • Hi guys,

    I’m pretty new to Kopano. I’ve installed an Univention server as an AD-member with Kopano, WebApp on it to evaluate functions and caveneats for a planned migration from Exchange to Kopano.

    Everything works fine so far but I have a question now:

    It looks like it isn’t possible to display free/busy on a shared calendar without content. In other words: A user who looks on a shared calendar will see the content of an appointment. Is it possible that a user can see that an appointment is booked, but not the details of the appointment? Similar in Outlook: Publish Free/Busy only.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Kind regards

  • @Elch2000

    You do not have to share a calendar for free/busy lookup - nor to look in the calendar, you only have to press schedule/planen on a new meeting or appointment then you see all blocked entries and in the first small line you have free/busy info over all selected accounts



  • Hi @externa1

    thx for your reply.

    OK, this is working so far.

    Unfortunately, you have to create a new calendar entry just to see if the specific person is available or not. Furthermore you have to search for this person. All in all this means a considerable additional effort.

    The implementation of a free/busy share for future versions would be great.

    I think I’m going to put this request to the wishlist :)

    Kind regards

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