serverside folder subscription

  • We’ve got a company where each user has the “tasks” and “calendar” from each other user subscribed.
    Is it possible to do this on the serverside instead for every single user ? I would definitively prefer a scripted solution…

    Does Kopano remember these subscriptions or do you have to start from scratch and re-subscribe (for example after changing computers, recreating Outlook profiles etc) ?

  • Kopano

    Hi @petervbeck ,

    you can create a script that speaks directly to the z-push api instead of having to rely on clicking through the dialoges in KOE. You can find more info at

    The downside is though, that you cannot simply define it for all users/devices, but have to define a deviceid where the folder should be added.

    The alternative to this could be to statically configure this in config.php for z-push. since everyone shares the calendars (and tasks) of everyone else, this could be a viable option.

    Please remember though, that all these folder will be synchronised to all clients. So you probably don’t want to do this for hundreds of folders.

  • Hi Felix,

    thanks for the fast reply !
    I think hardcoding in config.php is not what I want. Maybe I’ll take a look at the Webservice if there is some time to do. Definitifely interesting.


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