Z-Push zimbra backend Outlook 2013 sync not working

  • Hi

    My setup:
    Ubuntu 16.04 with apache and php 7.0.15 (fpm)
    zimbra66 backend
    z-push 2.3.5
    Outlook 2013 on terminal Server

    In general the sync to mobile devices and to Outlook 2013 works.
    But I have (currently) one account which kills Outlook and I have no idea why.

    How to reproduce for this account:
    1.) Create a new Outlook profile
    2.) Connect Outlook over activesync with the account
    3.) Start Outlook
    4.) Now Outlook syncs the inbox (only the inbox all other folders stay empty regardless how long I wait)
    5.) Close Outlook
    6.) Open Outlook -> it takes a few seconds then Outlook dies
    7.) Open Outlook again -> nothing happens, Outlook stays disconnected (Outlook don’t even try to connect to the server)

    I have made a WBXML log of point “6”:

    Has someone an idea why this happens?


  • There is a recently opened and fixed ticket against z-push (https://jira.z-hub.io/browse/ZP-1215?jql=) which may be related to this. The error message regarding the non-creation of an exporter is certainly the same.

    Perhaps you should update to 2.3.7 beta1 as soon as it is released and see if it resolves the issue for you.

    Note: For a zimbra backend I would recommend you set the max items per sync lower then the default of 512. No other client that I am aware of passes such a high value to the server in a request. Outlook actually requests 512 items from each and every folder that it syncs in a single request, with an overriding limit of 512 items in total also in the request. This config file limit can reduce that overall limit and prevents the server from running too long generating data to return to the client. (Edited for clarity)

    define('SYNC_MAX_ITEMS', 256);

    Try 256 or even 128. It means the client has to make more requests to the server but each one does not run for as long at the backend.

  • Kopano

    Just for correctness: Outlook requests in total 512 items that could be spread over all folders (not 512 of every folder). The first folder in the list is prioritized (normally starts with the Inbox).

    Besides that, Z-Push 2.3.7beta1 was just released, see here.


  • Exactly the same issue here, I have:

    z-push 2.3.7 (latest, with 128 in ‘SYNC_MAX_ITEMS’)
    zimbra backend 66 (latest)
    Zimbra 8.7.2
    Outlook 2016

    All accounts run fine except one of them with exactly the same behavior described in first post, also tested with Outlook 2013 with same result. Windows logs only shows error in module pstprx32.dll

    Did you find any solution?

  • @tbote

    hi i have the same issue with one account. its an account migrated from zimbra to kopano?

    outlook crashed on first sync after it has synced the folder structure.

    Did you find any sollution on this topic?

  • @ckruijntjens said in Z-Push zimbra backend Outlook 2013 sync not working:

    its an account migrated from zimbra to kopano?

    Are you using Zimbra or Kopano?

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    This post is deleted!

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