Can't save Attachements over Deskapp - Timeout

  • Hello all,

    i’am using here Deskapp 2.5.4. If i get an Mail with more then one Attachement i can save the first one, after i click on save on the second attachment, i get an timeout about 3 Minutes. After that timeout, i can save the attachment. If i click in this time another mail in Deskapp, the whole application hangs. This is also the same if i Download an Attachment from on Mail, an then the second from another mail. Same timeout. Sometimes the Attachment will not downloaded and my must kill the application. On Webapp directly i did not have this problem.

    What i can do? Here my versions:
    Core: 8.7.7
    I’am running this on Univention Server. Clients here are LInux KDE-Neon’s.

    This with the Attachements has worked fine in the past. Don’t know what updates this has broken for me here. For test i have deleted the whole local Appconfiguration, but this did not help.

    I also enabled Debuglog but nothing was logged in the folder the i set in config.php. Rights are ok.

            // To save e.g. user activity data only for selected users, provide the username followed by semicolon.
            // The data will be saved into a dedicated file per user in the LOG_FILE_DIR
            // Users have to be encapsulated in quotes, several users are semicolon separated, like:
            // define('LOG_USERS', 'user1;user2;user3');
            define('LOG_USERS', '');
            // Location to the log directory
            // e.g /var/log/webapp-userslog/users/
            define('LOG_FILE_DIR', '/var/log/webapp-userslog/users/');

    Thanks for help :)

  • Problem exists, also on completely fresh clients.

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