Public Calendar Folders and invitations !?

  • Hello, during our migration I ran into something I do not understand (yet). We are using public calendar folders. Some of them are resource calendars, so they have to accept mails and answer to meeting requests automatically. I use the move-to-public plugin for accepting mails into the public folders. This is setup and booking a room works fine from Webapp and from Outlook, i.e. I create a meeting in my Outlook calendar and invite some people including the room; the room is then booked and the entry shows up in the webapp calendar of this room. But: it does not show up in the Outlook representation of the public calendar of the room although z-push says all calendars are in sync. Is this epxected? Or am I missing something?

    Thank you and best regards, Jakob Curdes

  • Hello @isol,

    try run

    /usr/sbin/kopano-mr-accept "username" "/etc/kopano/dagent.cfg"  

    for the ressource/room and watch for processed items.


  • Kopano

    Do I understand you correctly, that you have a resource user but redirect all the users mail into a folder in the public calendar (with the move-to-public script)?

    The booking will most likely only show up in the calendar of the resource user (which you could still open through koe).

  • Maybe; we had these users but deleted them. But I am not sure if we deleted them before or after. Anyway, it works now.

    Another side question: is the statement “To be clear: attachments in meeting invitations will be displayed on the calendar item in Outlook. But it is not possible to attach items to a meeting in Outlook and if you create an appointment in WebApp and add an attachment it will not be shown in Outlook.” still true? Also, I do not understand it completely. If ActiveSync 14.0 does not support attachments in appointments, how can they be “displayed on the calendar item” ?

  • Kopano

    @isol did I write that somewhere?

    In general ActiveSync 14.0 does not support attachments in meeting requests and Outlook speaks only up to ActiveSync 14.0. So I would not count on attachments showing up.

  • Yes, in

    Ok. I think the proper solution is to use a link to the document instead of attaching it.

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