upgrade to latest kopano 9.0.1 + webapp + files errors out.

  • Hai,
    after the upgrade today to latest development versions, the files pluging with SMB fails.

    [Tue Dec 03 11:53:59.988295 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 28041] [client] [ERROR][AccountStore] Account check failed: Unknown error (103) for smb://host.fqdn/share/, referer: https://mail.dom.tld/webapp/

    In the app, this (used) to work with “use kopano credentials”
    i also tested with the workgroup field.

    anyone suggestions?

    I suspect that this has todo with SMB1 / SMB2 changes.

  • Kopano


    I suspect that this has todo with SMB1 / SMB2 changes.

    Are you sure it’s a files issue? What exactly did you change?

  • Hai Marty, sorry for the late relpy, had a few days off.

    I upgraded kopano and samba.

    I’m suspecting a problem with php-smbclient, and that might/is most probely related to samba 4.11.
    i’ll see if i can make the time for it this week to have a better look, so i can provide a bit more info.
    My running setup is atm :
    Debian Buster
    Kopano 9.0.1 ( dev packages )
    samba 4.11.3 (packages from own apt repo)

    I’ll update the setup this week and report back again.
    As I provide the debian samba packages for the samba list also and i just released my latest samba 4.11.3 packages.

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