save and close Task - timing problem

  • Setting:
    I create a test task with a reminder (picture 1). Once I get the reminder, I double click the task to open and edit it.
    After the edit and postponing the reminder date to the next day (picture 2), I click on “save and close” to finish the edit.
    Strangely enough, I now get the confirmation that the changes have been saved successfully (at the top of the screen) and at the same time a notification asking if I want to close the window, all changes will be lost (picture 3). If I now click “yes” and reopen the task, the text changes are saved, but the before setted reminder is gone (picture 4).

    I assume that the “save command” is somehow slower that the “close” command in the desk app.
    Is there anything I could do about this?

    1 Deskapp - created test task.jpg 2 Deskapp - edited task before clicking save and close.jpg 3 Deskapp - notification - changes will be lost-.jpg 4 Deskapp - reminder missing.jpg

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