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  • Hello Forum,

    i searched the forum for a similar topic but didnt find (correct me if im wrong :) )
    some employees use their tablet or smartphone to access the webapp and got some display issues.

    After research and testing with firefox dev-option for screen scaling, i’m on their side, because i couldnt find any styles or methodes to change the view from desktop to mobile view.
    since this would be a nice feature, is there any way to implement this so if my screen is way smaller than a normal screen you actually can read Mails or properly navigate.

    is there something in progress to make this possible?


    best regards

  • @Coffee_is_life said in Mobile view for webapp:

    is there something in progress to make this possible?

    As mentioned here in the roadmap, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs, also run on mobile devices) are already being developed for both Calendar & Mail:

    The PWA Kopano Meet is already available for video conferences.

    In the meantime, mobile devices will have to work with the native ActiveSync apps from Android or iOS or alternatively the app “Nine”.

    HTH Robert

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