Zarafaclient zarafaclient-7.2.6-52190 Outlook 2013

  • Hi folks,

    some of our users still want to archive emails into a pst file. Because of this, some Outlook-Clients are still active.

    We are using Outlook 2013 (latest updates).

    For connectivitiy we use the Zarafaclient. On some clients it is not possible anymore to “make” a connection to Outlook. Outlook says the “mailstore / messagestore” cannot be opened.

    If you try to use activesync, Outlook starts syncing but stopps after about 200 emails (saying “disconnected”).

    Shouldn’t the Zarafaclient work with Outlook 2013? Strange thing about it is, that I have got machines with the same configuration, working with the zarafaclient.

    Does anyone know, what might be the cause of this issue?

    Thank you!

  • The Zarafa-Client “zarafaclient-7.2.6-52189.msi” works with Outlook 2013 (zarafaclient-7.1.15-52166.msi no longer works with Kopano). When installing Office 2016 or Office 2019 for the first time, the Zarafa client 7.2.6-52189 does not work. You can avoid this by first installing Office 2013, then uninstalling and then installing Office 2016 or 2019, then the Zarafa client 7.2.6-52189 should also work with these Office versions.

    However, you should preferably work in online mode, as there may be sync errors in offline mode. An error message then appears in connection with the offline mode from the Zarafa client, i.e. when all emails are downloaded in cached mode. It does not appear in online mode.

  • The latest known Outlook clients are the linked one. The zarafaclient-7.2.6-52189.msi I can not find up to now. Also the changelog between the versions 189 and 190 is not available. Have anybody stored the version 190 and data about the changes?

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