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  • Hi

    we use Kopano at our office and we have for each project an separate folder. Would it be possible to define an e-mail rule like:

    If #P20xx-xx# is in e-mail text than move e-mail to folder P20xx-xx … (name is the number + an text).

    The rule should be automated or manual. The idea is to have an Sieve rule on the server and all users can run the rule with right click.

  • Is it not possible to define rules via an script on the server?

  • Kopano

    Hi @andreas_k,

    Kopano does not support Sieve rules, but has its own rules processor (that is part of kopano-dagent, rules are stored within the store of each user and can be modified e.g. through WebApp).

    Afaik these rules need to match exactly and do not allow for dynamic parts. The workaround I could see is using python-kopano to generate these non-dynamic rules for you. There was an example script for modifying rules from python-kopano, but a short search did not bring it to the surface for me, maybe you have more luck.

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