Kopano 8.7 and Outlook 2016 with MAPI

  • Dear all,

    I have read in the documentation that it should be possible to connect Outlook 2016 via MAPI (not ActiveSync) to Kopano-Core 8.7 and therefore leveraging functionality, that is not available with EAS (esp. synchronization of notes, free/busy, etc.).

    However, I do not find a description on how to do that.

    1. Do I need to install any additional software on the server?
    2. Do I need to install additional software or Service Packs on the client?
    3. What are the rough steps to make this work, so that I can go ahead and experiment.

    PS: I understand, that this is no (longer) supported. I would like to just experiment with this for testing and purely private purposes.

    Any pointers/help would be really appreciated!

    Thank you,

  • Kopano

    Hi @alex1452,

    can you point me to the section of the documentation where you read this? Then I can make sure that this is removed.

    Since Kopano has its source in Zarafa, you could install the old Zarafa client (if you still have it, its not available for download any more) and use this to connect Outlook to Kopano. There have been mixed reports about this working, though.

  • Hi @fbartels,

    Thank you for getting back. Unfortunately I cannot remember where exactly I read about MAPI because I have studied so many Kopano documents recently.

    I have installed zarafaclient-7.2.4-52167.msi on Windows 10 with Office 2016 64 bit. When I open Mail on the Control Panel and create a new profile, I know have under manual setup a new option “Zafara Server”. However, when I select Zafara, I get the following error:
    “The information service is not installed on your computer”.

    What else do I need to install?

    Thank you,

  • Kopano

    @alex1452 said in Kopano 8.7 and Outlook 2016 with MAPI:

    64 bit

    this could be the issue with your installation.

    But just to be clear: its neither supported nor recommended to run the old Zarafa client with Kopano.

  • @fbartels here is the part that is a bit misleading: “Please be aware that it is by design not a replacement for the old Zarafa Mapi connector.”

    The big question is: How can I connect Outlook in a fast way to kopano? Active Sync is a bit slow if you have many folders. And no, these users don’t want to use the webapp or “deskapp” :-/

  • Kopano

    @borzel said in Kopano 8.7 and Outlook 2016 with MAPI:

    here is the part that is a bit misleading

    I think its a rather straight statement that we had to do since a lot of older users saw KOE as a direct replacement for the old MAPI connection, which it simply isn’t.

    I personally do not have problems with using KOE, but there are indeed scenarios especially with very large folder trees and shared folders where it does not work as good. Normally I would always try to push for WebApp/DeskApp as this also allows for easier use of other parts of Kopano.

    If that is no option for you, you could still try to add the inbox via imap.