Disable mail redirection rules in WebApp

  • Hello to everybody,

    is there some reliable way to disable two specific rule types in the settings panel of each user?
    I refer to the following rules which simply doesn’t work in our MTA setup:

    • “Redirect the message to…”
    • “Forward the message to…”

    The ability of users to create such kind of rules leads to unwanted behaviour. We’d like to have the possibility to block redirect rules in WebApp by using a global config parameter.

    Used applications:

    • Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
    • kopano-server
    • kopano-webapp

    How does other people deal with this?

    Best regards,

  • Kopano

    @sbe-networks there are 2 ways to disable this.

    In the dagent.cfg you have the option to whitelist forward domains for rules

    A list of space-separated domains to which forwarding via a rule is allowed. The "*" matches zero or more characters (including dots, i.e. subdomains at multiple levels). Do not use "*kopano.com" to permit
    both "@kopano.com" and "@sub.kopano.com", as that would also allow "@notkopano.com".  There is an implementation-specific limitation of 1024 characters.
           Default: *

    and in the spooler.cfg you can disable redirect spoofing

    Normally, users are not allowed to send e-mail from a different e-mail address than their own. However, the "redirect" rule sends e-mails with their original "From" address. Enabling this option allows
    redirected e-mails to be sent with their original "From" e-mail address.
           Default: yes

  • Thank’s for pointing me to these parameters, looks exactly what we need.
    I assume it’s not possible to hide the menu entries for redirection rules directly in Kopano WebApp in the first place, right?

    Best regards,

  • Kopano

    @sbe-networks There is no configuration option for those indeed. Removing them there would require customization (and it would still be possible to create such rules with other clients).

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