Webapp does not refresh sub folders list in public folders

  • Hi All,

    public folders are really fine to share information in a company …

    While mails are refreshed automatically in all clients webapps if moved to a public folder, newly created folders for example are not (in the left panel folder view). Refresh Button (F5) does not refresh the folder view too. Only closing webapp (or deskapp) and reopen it shows me the actual folders. Complete site reload in browser shows the actual folders too, but unfortunately that is not possible in DeskApp i think.

    I have kopano-core 8.7.5 and webapp installed on Debian 9 with latest updates.

    Is this a bug ?
    Which logs can i check for possible misconfiguration or to get additional information ?

    Thank you very much for any help :-)

  • Kopano

    @white-eagle You can reload the folder structure if you right click on you store name and then press Reload

    Or install this plugin https://github.com/gitsnuit/refreshbutton this will replace the reload button of WebApp so it will also reload the folder structure

  • Thank you so much for your assistance Robin. :-)

    I did not know that there is a difference between refresh button in the main menu and reload in context menu.

    Each of your suggestions refreshes the folder structure … and it works :-)

    Kind Regards

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