object from type SyncMail: parameter 'cc' is longer than 32768.

  • Good morning Forum,

    i’ve got some message with absurd amounts of cc-address.
    dont know why someone want to use so many cc users, but wayne :)

    In Z-Push-Admin these messages are shown as “attention needed” with error:

    Reason:  SyncObject->Check(): object from type SyncMail: parameter 'cc' is longer than 32768. Check failed (4)

    There are 824 cc-Adresse in this message… 46549 Characters.

    Is there a way to sync them aswell - because my script which checks the “attention needed” status every morning is tilting me -.-


  • Kopano

    This is then outside the ActiveSync specification and that’s why it’s blocked.

    You could overwrite this value in /src/lib/syncobjects/syncmail.php around line 81 and fill in a higher value:

    array (  self::STREAMER_VAR      => "cc",
                    self::STREAMER_TYPE     => self::STREAMER_TYPE_COMMA_SEPARATED,
                    self::STREAMER_CHECKS   => array( 
                            self::STREAMER_CHECK_LENGTHMAX      => 32768,
                            self::STREAMER_CHECK_EMAIL        => "" )),

    And resync the folder to get these mails fixed.
    Still, this change is not upgrade safe so you have to apply it again after every upgrade o Z-Push.

    It’s also unclear what your clients will do. It could be that they can’t process these messages and that they are still not synchronized, but catched by the loop detection.

    Then still, this is a corner case. I would say it’s “not good practice” to send emails with 820 emails in CC.


  • @Sebastian,

    thanks for your quick reply… sure its “not a good practise” and like i wrote, im not sure why someone want to have so many cc’s :)

    i will try the change and reply with the client-result

    PS: this user is currently not available, so i will reply on monday


  • Kopano

    Well, you need to understand that what you want/like is not always possible. This spec is written by Microsoft and we have to follow the spec for compatibility.
    They surely believed “no one will ever do this”, but we know, technicians like to be proved wrong by users… ;)

    Please also understand that several people of these 820 recipients could not see your email because their email clients could/will also not handle this.
    Insisting in doing it might be “OK for you”, but be aware that people could actually not get your message.

    What I mean is, just understand this is not a bug but your choice.


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