KDAV responding with HTTP 500 Internal Server Error on corrupt VCF. How to remove it?

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    I’m seeing a KDAV error in the kdav.log when browsing via SabreDAV and I come across a VCF that it tells me is corrupt. The error I’m seeing is:

    <d:error><s:sabredav-version>3.2.2</s:sabredav-version><s:exception>Sabre\VObject\ParseException</s:exception><s:message>Invalid Mimedir file. Line starting at 13 did not follow iCalendar/vCard conventions</s:message></d:error>

    I’m unable to open the Vcard to see what’s on line 13 to fix it, so I’m content with removing the database entry. I just don’t know where to look to do that. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you!

  • Kopano

    Hi @ersaxp,

    This error actually comes from sabredav which KDAV uses and not from KDAV itself.

    Kopano generates VCF data on the fly, so it’s not possible to remove only a VCF. You could check the contact and edit to fix the issue if it’s something obviously wrong. Could you post the complete kdav.log when opening that contact?


  • @Manfred Sure. I’ll reproduce as soon as possible. The problem with modifying the contact is that I don’t know who it is. The SabreDAV interface just gives me an XML error. Is there another tool(suite) that lets me delve deeper into the contact to figure out who it is?

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