kdav does not sync correctly - 500 internal Server Error

  • Hello all,

    we installed kdav on us kopano Server on UCS. It works with accounts with a few contacts, but with the central address book with over 400 contacts, we get an error. But don’t know what is to do, or where is the issue. Here is the end of the Log:

    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [TRACE]  dav KopanoDavBackend->GetMapiMessageForId(): Try PR_SOURCE_KEY a9a78371807b4
    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [TRACE]  dav KopanoDavBackend->GetStore(): storename gemeinsam-firma
    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [TRACE]  dav KopanoDavBackend->GetStore(): storename gemeinsam-firma
    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [TRACE]  dav KopanoDavBackend->GetIdOfMapiMessage(): Finding ID of Resource id #523
    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [DEBUG]  dav KopanoDavBackend->GetIdOfMapiMessage(): Found PR_SOURCE_KEY: a9a78371807
    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [TRACE] card KopanoCardDavBackend->getCard(): returned data id: a9a78371807b4a5db7856
    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [DEBUG] main KLogger->LogOutgoing(): OUTPUT:
    HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
    X-KDAV-Version: GIT
    X-Sabre-Version: 3.2.2
    Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <d:error xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s="http://sabredav.org/ns">
      <s:message>This parser can only read from strings or streams.</s:message>
    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [DEBUG] main httpcode='500' memory='8.68 MiB/10.00 MiB' time='4.33s'
    25.07.2019 21:47:15 [16920] [DEBUG] main ------------------ End

    Git Version from 22.7.2019

  • Kopano

    Hi boospy,

    could you post the complete log? What client is accessing kdav?


  • Log Attached.

    If i open some path directly


    I get this messagebox in the webbrowser:

    <d:error><s:sabredav-version>3.2.2</s:sabredav-version><s:exception>Sabre\VObject\ParseException</s:exception><s:message>Invalid Mimedir file. Line starting at 10 did not follow iCalendar/vCard conventions</s:message></d:error>

    This is the last one in the list. So i think there is the error. But how i can identify what contact this is?
    All other are ok.

    The Brower ask me for Download.

  • Kopano

    Hi boospy,

    so, only the last contact from the list doesn’t work, is that right?

    Which Kopano version are you using?

    Are there any errors in apache logs?


  • How much max ram are you allowing to php?

  • Hello,

    i have the same problem. All configured like the default. -> PHP Ram 256M.
    I have 300 contacts, some with photo. It this error a ram problem? or invalid vcards?

    I’ve deleted some of the contacts that are experiencing the problem, but this is an infinite story.

  • Kopano

    Hi proficleaner,

    “same problem” is a very vague description.

    Which versions of kdav, Kopano, OS are you using?

    Are you able to open some contacts in the browser and some not? Or are you using some other client?

    Are there any errors in kdav and apache logs?


  • Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t get any notification.

    No Apache Errors. There are definitely bad contacts, i have delete all contacts an imported 5 for test. It is working fine. But as error i see only that xml, not the id of the bad vcards. Memory Limit is @128MB should i increase that?

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