[Feature Request] enable preview of .txt files in Webapp

  • Hi,

    I am using Webapp with the files plugin, linked to a Nextcloud instance. This setup works well as I can preview pdfs, picture and even video files for easy integration into emails and all. There is just one slight pain point for me: preview doesn’t work for .txt files.
    I store all my notes on Nextcloud in .txt files so whenever I need something from there, right now I have to open a new tab, login to NC again, click the file and copy the content across. This would be so much easier if the filespreview plugin would support preview of them.

    Kind regards,

  • @irreleph4nt

    Hi I have disabled the webapp plugin “filepreviewer” and then i can see the preview of nextcloud files also on txt files (seems it uses the nextcloud renderer)


  • @externa1 Thanks. This does indeed work. Now most previews have no context menu like “Download” or “Full Screen” but I can live with that for now. Cheers :)

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