printing in WebApp

  • Hello,

    I noticed that the print button in an email is only visible when an email is either sent or received.

    This isn’t available as you type the email.

    I think having the ability to print before you send the email is quite important as you can see how it will be printed.

    Indeed the old Zarafa Webaccess does have the functionality.

    Hopefully this should just be a matter of adding the print button?

  • Kopano

    Hi Marco,

    I missed your post.
    You can already print a draft via shortcut “CTRL + P” while having the draft dialog open.
    does that suffice or do you really want a button?

    btw, draft wil print the saved content.

  • Hi,

    I just tried but the Ctrl-P shortcut, at least on my Firefox browser on Linux, printed a screenshot of Kopano as opposed to the text of the email, i.e. prinscreen…

    I personally think a button would be better (and the email printed as normal) if anything because other people may ask the same question as I did…


  • Kopano

    Do you have the ctrl-p shortcut enabled?

  • not sure, I will check.

    In general I think adding the same printing functionality as a normal email whether they are in draft or not would be very useful, otherwise it may be confusing (same as it has been for me).

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