smime certificate trusted and not trusted

  • Hi all,

    I experience the following problem. I will first show my setup. i have Kopano installed and z-push on a different server (for pushmail on my Iphone)

    I installed the smime certificate inside Kopano webapp and on my Iphone x. everything so far so good.

    Now when i send an email from Kopano webapp all is ok. However when i send a email from my Iphone the party that is receiving the mail all is OK (it shows as signed) but in my Kopano webapp it shows that the certificate could not be validated?

    So in my send email items:

    when send from Kopano webapp


    and when sending from my Iphone:


    however the one that gets the mail all is validated as it should.


    What could be the problem here? I have this problem for over a year now.

  • Anbody any idea?

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