Where is the Threema Plugin ?

  • Hi all,

    I searched the forum, I searched the Kopano website, I searched through Google. I didn’t find any hits and helpful information that leads me to the Threema integration plugin for Kopano-Webapp/DeskApp. After installing the Threema addon, you have an additional ribbon [THREEMA] at the top of Kopano WebApp / DeskApp.

    Where is it gone, how can I download it?

  • Kopano

    @micro said in Where is the Threema Plugin ?:

    It’s in the master repo where it always was.

  • Hi marty,

    either I am blind or need some more coffee :) please give me a hint where I can find it.

    Is the Threema/DeskApp plugin only available to the paid subscription or also for the community users? Just checked the Debian10 official repository but cannot find any “threema” related stuff. Can I add a Kopano-repository to my system for a community edition ?

  • oh I think I understood now. The threema plugin is installed on the server. To make use of it you need “DeskApp”. I thought that you can use the Threema plugin also when using a internet browser.

    But right after I downloaded and installed DeskApp, I got the Threema tab now. So its [SOLVED] :)

    thank you.

  • Kopano

    @micro said in Where is the Threema Plugin ?:

    Debian10 official repository […] Can I add a Kopano-repository to my system for a community edition ?

    As said in other threads already I would not recommend to mix our packages with the ones provided downstream by the Debian project.

    We are not offering a “community edition”, but simply share our nightly builds with the community. These are provided as archives (of which you could build your own repository), package repositories are only available to customers of Kopano.

    EDIT: to request packages to be added to Debian I would recommend to reach out to the maintainers (how is documented at https://wiki.debian.org/Groupware/Kopano) afaik they do not frequently visit our forum and will therefore not see these posts here.

  • ack
    everything is clear, I just mixed generally up. My question was related to my own private server running at home (community) edition. Now from another desktop I logged in to my private server and I realized the missing Threema plugin. I was puzzled because I didn’t find anything, I though it was a client-side plugin and it was weird not to find anything about it (neither on google search). Now I remember back when I installed/upgraded my community server I installed the threema package on the server so this is a server-side integration and the client needs obviously to run “DeskApp” to see the Threema ribbon. WebApp alone is not enough, you need DeskApp to have Threema ribbon.


  • Kopano

    @micro said in Where is the Threema Plugin ?:

    @micro Glad to hear the coffee kicked in :)

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